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zero waste communities  


Have a trash Problem?

The current situation

Did you know that landfills are reaching their maximum capacities all across the country? Soon enough, they'll close their operations and our communities will need another solution. This is where we come in.

Impact Earth is a change agent company helping bridge the gap into the future of more sustainable living practices and zero waste communities.


How we can help

Book us for your next zero waste event.

Purchase zero waste packaging that fits into your budget.

Teach your students why zero waste is important and practice it in the classroom.

Let us assist you on your zero waste journey through policy.


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Know what you need?

Zero Waste Events

A variety of options like simple waste management services, real-time waste station sorting, and compost pick ups.

Zero Waste Schools

Is your school district interested in starting their journey to zero waste?

Food Service

From restaurant packaging to full facility zero waste programs.

Zero Waste Consulting

We offer full service zero waste solutions to all of our clients.


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