It all starts with education

In order to make an impact in our community, we believe that it is imperative to educate our youngest community members. What better place to do this than in their schools every day! We have dedicated our zero waste schools program to creating living zero waste classrooms in and outside of a building.

Educating and empowering the next generation to be conscious of their waste is the key to creating zero waste communities.

Think your school is ready to begin its zero waste journey?

A wholistic approach

We are currently working in school districts every day across Rochester in cafeterias, at special events, and in classrooms. We believe that it is crucial to the success of a zero waste school program to work with your teachers, administrators, parents, and most importantly, your students in the creation and implementation of the program. 


Our Zero Waste School Programs

...generally include

  • Initial waste audits to generate baseline data

  • Zero waste policy creation and adoption

  • Zero waste procurement advisement

  • Waste stream diversion strategy

  • Waste hauling management

  • Composting hauling service

  • Regular metric collection and analysis

  • Zero waste school events management and staffing

  • Zero waste cafeteria programs (staffed or un-staffed)

  • Zero waste training for teachers, administrators, staff, and parents

  • Classroom presentations and workshops

  • Monthly zero waste reports

  • Coming soon: Zero waste elementary curriculum


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All beeswax & eco-pul products are handmade in Rochester, NY by Weslee Rose

All beeswax & eco-pul products are handmade in Rochester, NY by Weslee Rose



Downloadable Resources!

This FREE one page infographic helps explain why we sort different products based on what they’re made of. Please feel free to download and distribute to your family, students, teachers, staff, and community members!

Materials: What you Need to Know Before you Throw


Impact Earth has been a powerful force in moving forward our Zero Waste initiative in the Brighton Central School District particularly at French Road Elementary School. Our 3rd -5th grade students have shown great initiative in learning about and empowering each other with the power of recycling and composting. The efforts of our students have increased immensely due to the support of Impact Earth employees and interns. Our students are regularly asking about where to throw out their waste and making more mindful choices before tossing something into the trash. As the building principal, I could not be more proud of our students and their reflection of the impact on our environment and their future!
— Dr. Allison Rioux, FRES Principal

Our Ceo, Robert in action at the FRES cafeteria zero waste pilot program!

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