What is an Impact Earth
zero waste event?

Waste management is often an overlooked part of event planning strategy, but it plays a vital role in the success of the event and its long term environmental sustainability and footprint. 

 Not sure how to start when considering making your event "go green" while still maintaining the look and feel? Our team can help with the smooth transition to a new system that both your guests and staff will appreciate. 

Your Local Zero Waste
one stop shop

We have worked with a variety of clients from small 25 person gatherings to sold out, 15,000 person concerts. Examples include:

Catered Events
Sport Tournaments

Special Events
Event Venues
Farmers Markets


Our Zero Waste Event Packages...

...generally include

  • Site map plan for zero waste education stations

  • Staffed or un-staffed zero waste stations

  • Zero waste event implementation

  • Waste stream diversion strategy and community resource management

  • Staff and volunteer coordination

  • Staff and volunteer education and training

  • Packaging and other compostable material options

  • Zero waste report

Thanks so much for the work of your team in implementing the compost/recycle/landfill operation at the 2018 Native American Dance and Music Festival (NADMF) at Ganondagan the weekend of July 28th and 29th. The services that you provided exceeded our wildest expectations and we are very grateful! We are extremely appreciative that you arrived on Friday evening to help us set up the tents and the toters at the exact time you promised, and that you were so willing to help us in all ways possible.

Robert, your participation and expertise throughout the weekend, and the provision of very knowledgeable and friendly staff and volunteers who could educate the visitors while at the same time sorting the waste was a fabulous asset for the event. We also appreciated the efforts of you all at the end of the event when the waste kept on coming and there were a lot of heavy duty tasks to be accomplished in hot conditions. That is when we typically suffer from total exhaustion, and despite the youth and patience of your group, we know its no walk in the park! We loved the approach that you and your staff took with all of those that you interacted with and we appreciated the interest and respect that you and your staff and family had in the event itself.

Also, all of the pre-event e-mail communications that we had with Cassidy and you were extremely helpful. We appreciated the quick response that occurred! The report that you sent us is fabulous!

We look forward to talking with you between now and next year’s festival to once again explore how we can work together to minimize waste and maximize education and resource recovery at next year’s festival.
— Dave & Margy, Friends of Ganondagan
Impact Earth has taken action on a problem that everyone acknowledges, but no one has taken much initiative to fix. Sports tournaments generate a lot of waste, but before speaking with Robert at Impact Earth, no one had offered me a plan to do much about it. It was a great feeling driving away from an event knowing we collectively did what we did to reduce waste, and my club’s players and parents indicated they felt the same way. It would not have been possible without Impact Earth.
— Justin Walker, President Top Gun Fighting Clams
I was approached by Impact Earth two years ago. My initial reaction was that sounds great for some kind of hippie music festival but not for us. But I was very surprised. Robert and his staff did an awesome job from start to finish. The professional presentations and waste stations made even the most cynical want to recycle. The final reports and the documented results make it an easy sell for next year.
— Steve Shuler, Mendon Carnival Chairman