Tom Mangialino

I have been recycling since 1974, which is a long time, but I haven't seen the results that should, by now, have been quite evident.I've been appalled that we still can recycle some plastics and not others, that we waste and throw away so much organic material which can be used elsewhere for other energy producing by-products. I've left it to others while I did basic recycling and complained! So when I met Robert Putney, CEO of Impact Earth, working at a concert venue, I asked him, "What are you doing standing behind four labeled barrels," and as he explained why, a light went on.

When asked the question why invest in Impact Earth, I really didn't have to think hard to answer as family and friends who have seen me invest in several business ventures--not related to zero waste-- in the past can attest to. I found this young company composed of three hard working people, which should be the core of any new idea--hard work!, but I finally came to the conclusion, after volunteering with them, it wasn't just their hard work but the direction this company will go in the next 5 years that sold me.

I spoke with my family, telling them what and where this company had the capacity to take zero waste within the next few years, and that I wanted to invest. I received mixed reactions but all were positive. The rest is history and I'm now an investor/volunteer worker in whatever capacity the company can use me.

I am feeling good about how I can finally "Impact our Earth," while truly helping the future for my grandchildren. As you think about what I've said, think about a collective 'We' proposition as we continue to make an impact on the Earth and into this future.

- Thomas Mangialino, Rochester, NY