Zero Waste Lunch Kit - Kids!

Zero Waste Lunch Kit - Kids!


This is a zero waste lunch kit for kiddos!
The kit includes:

1 beeswax sandwich wrap (13”x13”)
1 small sized beeswax wrap (8”x18”)
1 small ECO-PUL snack bag
1 large ECO-PUL snack bag
1 kids to-go ware bamboo utensil set (black & tan)
2 bamboo straws
1 straw brush
1 large sidekick tiffin (1 cup volume)

9 total items.

Beeswax Wraps - come in two patterns (dry garden lawn pictured and paintbrush poplin)
Beeswax wraps are an amazing alternative to plastic wrap & Tupperware. Stay green AND stylish with Weslee Rose’s gorgeous beeswax wraps! The organic beeswax & jojoba oil’s anti- bacterial properties along with the stickiness of the pine resin will create a seal to help keep your food fresher longer!

Directions & Care
Simply cover your dish with your Beeswax Wrap & use the warmth of your hands to mold the wrap & create a seal. Wash with a mild soap (with NO alcohol) under cool water, let dry, & repeat. With good care, your wrap will last a year.


ECO-PUL Bags: Snacks, Travel, Accessories. 
ECO-PUL is a magic material that is green, waterproof, food-grade, and can withstand intense heat (like from your dishwasher and washing machine.) 


  • Made with a solvent-free, green adhesive- safe for your family, food, and the environment. 

    • Many laminated materials are NOT food-grade, due to toxic solvent-based adhesives.

  • Washable in hot water, in commercial or home laundry and dishwashers.

  • Anti-microbial! Even leftover snacks won’t grow mold onto this fabric.

  • Abrasion and fire resistant.

  • Durable and lightweight.

Please note, our shipping costs account for our products to be shipped in an environmentally conscious way. Our shipping packaging is always zero waste: 100% recyclable or compostable. Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide environmentally sustainable products to you!

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