Zero Waste 30-Day Guide

Zero Waste 30-Day Guide


We are so excited to launch our very first book - 

Welcome to Impact Earth’s 30‭ ‬Day Zero Waste Guide‭. ‬We put this together to serve as an educational resource for folks of all ages and levels of zero waste lifestyles‭. ‬

During each day of this guide‭, ‬you will learn about some aspect of zero waste and then be given a challenge that brings that particular topic into action‭. ‬As you complete each challenge‭, ‬remember to keep them in your back pocket‭, ‬as you will want to continue to use the information you learned and zero waste techniques as you move forward‭. ‬

By the end of the 30‭ ‬days‭, ‬you will have taken 30‭ ‬steps towards living and supporting a zero waste lifestyle‭. ‬

Thank you for choosing to start your zero waste journey with us and we hope that you continue to learn and practice zero waste into the future‭! ‬Together‭, ‬we can make an impact in our homes‭, ‬communities‭, ‬and eventually‭, ‬the world‭!‬

(Please note, this version is a downloadable PDF)

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