Cloth Facial Rounds *Made in Rochester, NY*

Cloth Facial Rounds *Made in Rochester, NY*


Thinking of making some zero waste swaps in your bathroom? These soft, reusable flannel rounds are a great alternative for makeup wipes and single-use cotton rounds.

With each wash, our cloth flannel rounds get softer. Just use, wash in cold water and then tumble dry low (or air dry), and they’re ready to be used again!

Our pack comes with 10 flannel rounds.

Our reusable cloth pads are made in Rochester, NY.

All product packaging is 100% compostable.

Please note, our shipping costs account for our products to be shipped in an environmentally conscious way. Our shipping packaging is always zero waste: 100% recyclable or compostable. Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide environmentally sustainable products to you!

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