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Zero Waste Services

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Schools Program

To make an impact in our community, we believe that it is imperative to educate our youngest community members. What better place to do this than in their schools every day! We create living zero waste classrooms in and outside of a building.

Educating and empowering the next generation to be conscious of their waste is the key to creating zero waste communities.

What does our schools program look like?

Waste Audit

Waste assessments give us a deeper look into your District’s day to day waste and helps us identify where there are opportunities for growth.



We prepare a report that identifies opportunities for improvement and a proposal for implementation of a zero waste program. This proposal is guided by the assessment and goals set by the District.


Plan & Implement

We assist you in writing or updating a board level zero waste policy. Then we implement. What that looks like depends on the school and we often recommend a 3 to 4 year implementation strategy. All of our implementation includes regular reporting so we can understand how we’re doing and adjust as we go along on this journey together!


Want to play a game?

Monroe County recently released a recycling game that’s available online! Click below to play (we highly suggest it for folks in Monroe County and it’s both kid and adult friendly).


Organics Hauling

We offer both residential and commercial organics (food waste) hauling services in Monroe County and beyond. Read below for details and to see what type of service is right for you!

Residential Services

We currently offer a residential organics hauling service. Our service is a cost-effective way to divert your food scraps and other compostable products from the landfill! Read our “accepted materials” pdf for a full list.

What does it look like? Watch our video!
You get a bucket, you fill it up, and then you bring it back to your chosen drop off location. Once you drop off your full bucket, we swap it with a clean bucket and you repeat!

Our service costs $15/month and we often run special discounts - sign up online or at any of our drop off locations!



First Unitarian Church
Sundays 9am-2pm
220 S. Winton Rd.

Brighton Farmers Market
Sundays 9am-1pm
1150 Winton Rd.

Victor Farmers Market
Wednesdays 3pm-6pm
60 E. Main St.

Irondequoit Farmers Market
Thursdays 4pm-8pm
1280 TItus Ave.

Rochester Public Market
Thursdays 7am-1pm
Saturdays 7am-3pm
280 N. Union St.



Commercial Hauling Services

Our commercial pick up service is a customized and hassle-free way to divert your business's food scraps and other compostable products from the landfill. Our current clients include restaurants, bakeries, school districts, offices, and multifamily residential buildings.



On your first day, we drop off your selected size and number of organics toters. Each week, you fill up the toters with food scraps and other compostables and then we pick the toters up and swap them for clean ones.

We start with a - one pick up per week - schedule for your first month. We then assess usage and need and then we adjust from there! We are super flexible, so if at any time, you need an additional pick up or an early pick up, you just let us know!



We offer toter sizes ranging from 32 gallons up to 96 gallons. View our pricing sheet for more details and a list of our accepted products.


Questions about our commercial services or want to sign up?


Events & Products

Our zero waste event services are fully customizable and our zero waste lifestyle products are made locally.

Waste management: Waste is often an overlooked part of event planning strategy, but it plays a vital role in the success of the event and its long term environmental sustainability and footprint. 

Not sure how to start when considering making your event "go green" while still maintaining the look and feel? Our team can help with the smooth transition to a new system that both your guests and staff will appreciate. 

Workshops: We offer a wide range of zero waste-themed community workshops that can be tailored to be family-friendly or in depth action-oriented presentations.




Steve Shuler, Mendon Carnival Chairman

“I was approached by Impact Earth 4 years ago. My initial reaction was -that sounds great for some kind of hippie music festival but not for us-. But I was very surprised. The entire Impact Earth staff and their volunteers did an awesome job from start to finish. The professional presentations and waste stations made even the most cynical want to recycle right. The final reports and the documented results make it an easy sell for the next year.”



Zero Waste Lifestyle Products

We are a part of the #REUSEREVOLUTION.


Impact Earth is available for tabling and selling opportunities at local events. We have a full product line of locally made zero waste lifestyle products that work in tandem with our services and help folks begin or continue their zero waste journey. Should we be at your event? Drop us a line.



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Food Service Packaging 

We offer a wide range of products that we sustainably source in the community to provide you with an easy alternative to styrofoam and other wasteful packaging products


Contact us for more information and pricing.


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