Schools Program

To make an impact in our community, we believe that it is imperative to educate our youngest community members. What better place to do this than in their schools every day! We create living zero waste classrooms in and outside of a building.

Educating and empowering the next generation to be conscious of their waste is the key to creating zero waste communities.

What does our schools program look like?

Waste Audit

Waste assessments give us a deeper look into your District’s day to day waste and helps us identify where there are opportunities for growth.



We prepare a report that identifies opportunities for improvement and a proposal for implementation of a zero waste program. This proposal is guided by the assessment and goals set by the District.


Plan & Implement

We assist you in writing or updating a board level zero waste policy. Then we implement. What that looks like depends on the school and we often recommend a 3 to 4 year implementation strategy. All of our implementation includes regular reporting so we can understand how we’re doing and adjust as we go along on this journey together!


Want to play a game?

Monroe County recently released a recycling game that’s available online! Click below to play (we highly suggest it for folks in Monroe County and it’s both kid and adult friendly).