Impact Earth Organics Service


Impact Earth is now offering a Food Waste & Compostable-wares Hauling service!

Beginning in May 2018, Impact Earth launched a new service, Impact Earth Organics. This service compliments our pre-existing programs and services and helps to fill a gap in zero waste infrastructure that our community needs. By diverting organics from the landfill waste stream, we are fighting climate change, decreasing CO2 emissions, and supporting our local economy!


What Waste Products does The Impact Earth Organics service take?

Because our organics are processed by a vermicomposter, we are able to take all organic materials produced in your kitchen. From vegetable peels to compostable single use plastics, we can take it all.

Including: meat, dairy, bones, paper products, compostable "bioproducts", shellfish, yard trimmings, flowers...

For all the details, view our downloadable PDF.


What we do


We provide you with a Impact Earth Organics bucket or toter 


Each week we swap your full Impact Earth Organics container for a clean, empty one


We then take your food scraps and compostable-wares to one of three farms in our network

Our vermicompost (composting with worms) processors turn your food waste and compostable-wares into nutrient rich vermicompost products.

Our farmers utilize higher quality food scraps as animal feed and traditional compost on their farms.

Want to learn more about vermicomposting? Download this PDF!


Drop Off Service


Residential Farmers Market Drop Off

Our service is a cost-effective way to divert your food scraps and other compostable products from the landfill! Check out the seasonal farmers markets and winter locations listed below to see their dates, locations, and times to see what drop off location will work best for you.

What you do:

1. Pick up your Impact Earth Organics bucket at your seasonal farmers market (& pay your deposit),

2. Fill up the bucket,

3. Drop it off at your participating seasonal farmers market or winter location,

4. Exchange your full bucket for a clean new bucket each week!


One Impact Earth Organics Bucket, weekly drop off at market

$10.00 refundable deposit for Impact Earth Organics Bucket
(5 gallon)




Questions? Please reach out to we're happy to help!

Participating Locations Include:

- Summer Brighton Farmers Market (Sundays May 13-November 18th)

- Winter Brighton Farmers Market (Sundays Starts November 25th)

- Victor Village Building (Wednesdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm starting November 7th)

- Irondequoit Library (Thursdays from 5pm-6pm starting October 25th)

- Pittsford Village, in front of Miguel Creative (Saturdays 12pm-1pm starting October 27th)

... please note that if you are currently a subscriber at a seasonal summer market, we can transfer you to an indoor market or commercial location when your market season ends.


*Please note that we do not accept non-Impact Earth Organics compost buckets at the drop off locations.

Commercial Pick Up Service


Commercial Services

Our commercial pick up service is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to divert your business's food scraps and other compostable products from the landfill! 

What you do:

1. Fill out THIS FORM to get signed up!

2. On your first pick up day, Impact Earth will drop off a 32 gallon Impact Earth Organics toter

3. Each week, fill up your toter with food scraps, compostable products, and paper products

4. Impact Earth will pick up your full toter once a week and swap it out with a clean toter for you


Check out our quick Info Sheet! For more information about this service


*Please note that we will try to  be flexible as possible for pick up day, and we will reach out to you if we need to change your proposed day


Commercial, Restaurant:

32 Gal Toter, Weekly Pick Up


$20.00 refundable toter deposit

64 Gal Toter, Weekly Pick Up


$20.00 refundable toter deposit 

96 Gal Toter, Weekly Pick Up


$20.00 refundable toter deposit  

Multifamily Building:

Please email Robert for pricing!


Questions? Please reach out to we're happy to help!


Looking to sign up for Residential Pick Up Service? 

Call or email us for more information or to sign up!