Zero Waste Halloween

Witches, ghosts, monsters, and...plastic pollution? Halloween is a time for all things scary, but that does not have to include excess waste. Halloween celebrations can be both zero waste and fun!



Kids of all ages love to dress up for halloween, but unfortunately most costumes are purchased new and only used once. Reusing supplies that you already have is a great option to reduce waste! For example, if your little one wants to dress up as their favorite cartoon character for halloween, you could paint and decorate old t shirts or cardboard boxes. For older kids and adults, thrift shopping is a great option for finding unique pieces to replicate famous figures!



Halloween decorations help set the mood for trick or treating, but often go to waste as soon as the night is over. For indoor decorations, opt for edible pumpkins and gourds that can be cooked after the holiday. Additionally, the seeds from carving pumpkins can be roasted and made into a healthy snack! After Halloween, make sure to compost any carved or inedible pumpkins. Additionally, consider reusing items that you already have for decorations including: candles, string lights, paper bags/lanterns, and paper streamers (compost after use)!


Sweet Treats

Everyone loves candy, but sadly most wrappers are not compostable or recyclable. Opt for handing out candy with biodegradable packaging such as lollypops, boxed candies, and taffy wrapped in wax paper. For halloween parties where it is appropriate to bring homemade treats, be sure to use reusable containers and compost any food scraps. Compostable plates/flatware/straws are also a great choice for halloween parties; holiday gatherings are a great time to showcase your best zero waste tips!

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Have a fun, safe, and sustainable Halloween!

- Emily, Impact Earth Staff

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