Weekend Waste Diary with Lauren

About This Series

This blog series provides readers with a chance to catch a glimpse in the life of a zero-waste lifestyle supporter. It documents the daily weekend activities of the blogger, as he/she generates waste from Friday to Sunday. Readers will be able to put their feet into someone else’s shoes through this blog series, and hopefully learn some good waste management tips for them to practice at home as well. These bloggers have experience in working with waste diversion and understand the concept of zero-waste quite well.

Let’s see how this weekend’s blogger will do!

Meet Lauren

Hello readers!

My name is Lauren Goulet, and I have been an environmental educator with Impact Earth for four and a half months now in the Brighton Central School district.


When starting college courses, I didn’t have any direction or career goals set. I accidentally stumbled upon a class focused on environmental sustainability and immediately fell in love with the work. Now, I am loving every second of being a part of Impact Earth and feel so lucky to be participating in the Sustainability movement in a professional setting!

I try to incorporate my passion for sustainability into my academic and personal life, too! I am the Sustainability Club President at Monroe Community College. At home, my partner Kyle and I use two different methods of composting with the intention of using it for our vegetable garden once the weather turns.

Come along with me on my weekend journey of waste reflection!


3:30 pm- This past Friday, Sarah from Impact Earth came in to give a presentation to the Sustainability Club at MCC! Following that, I went to Pita pit with my brother and his girlfriend, and was sure to tell them I didn’t need a bag or napkin.

4:45 pm- A friend of mine wanted to show me Taichi Bubble Tea in Henrietta because I had never been. Because this friend knows me so well, when I was handed a plastic cup and straw he looked at me and said “I know, poor use of plastics.” Hey, at least people are thinking and talking about it! That’s a win in my book.

7:00 pm- At home I sautéed sliced mushrooms and roasted butternut squash to salvage the extra we had left over from meal prep.

Friday Waste

RECYCLE: aluminum foil

LANDFILL: paper pita wrap, plastic cup & straw,


9:00 am- I started my day with a pot of coffee and avocado toast.

11:00 am- I went to lunch with a couple friends at Tap and Mallet and had their delicious vegan cauliflower wings. After spilling some water on myself I bit the bullet and grabbed a straw. However, the straws Tap and Mallet uses are biodegradable, so I felt a little less guilt in using it.

6:30 pm- Saturday is my only day off from school and work, so I spent most of it studying and finishing assignments. By 6:30 I was ready for dinner, so I heated up some vegan chili my partner and I had meal prepped earlier in the week. Nothing was wasted here!

Saturday Waste

REUSE: bowl

COMPOST: coffee grounds & filter, avocado peel


9:00 am- I woke up feeling pretty sick today! I spent the whole morning resting in bed, studying for my Econ midterm. I had fruit and toast with vegan butter for breakfast.

3:00 pm- I had a shift at the restaurant I work at, muscling through the cold that was coming on. Whenever I drink water or coffee on the job I make sure to use the glassware we have instead of disposable paper or plastic cups!

9:00 pm- When I arrived home, I completed my online midterm. I was feeling worse than before, and soup always brightens my mood when I am sick. I heated up some canned tomato basil soup from Wegmans before drifting off to much needed sleep.

Sunday Waste

REUSE: plate, bowl, mason jar, mug

RECYCLE: soup can


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