Sustainable Shopping Guide

The Holiday Season is Officially in Full Swing!

For many people, that means gift giving! The over consumption associated with the holiday season can be very damaging to the environment, however, you can still participate in these holiday traditions without eco-guilt by following some of these sustainable shopping tips!

  1. Gift experiences in order to reduce waste and spend more quality time with loved ones!

  2. Get crafty! Homemade gifts are very thoughtful and are a great way to experiment with upcycling.

  3. Make a list of what items you intend to purchase for family and friends. Not only will this help cub over consumption, but it will also allow you to give more thoughtful and personal gifts.

  4. Purchase toys and clothing made of natural fibers. These higher quality items will generally last longer, are easier to repair, and can be composted at the end of their lifespan.

  5. Bring reusable shopping bags when shopping for gifts; this act seems natural at the grocery store but is often overlooked at other stores.

  6. If you are online shopping, request minimal packaging and refuse plastic packaging in the notes section at check out.

  7. Take inventory of gift wrapping supplies that you may already have at home. If you are purchasing new supplies, opt for reusable or compostable items!

  8. Shop Local! Craft fairs and holiday markets are a great opportunity to support local businesses and find more unique gifts.

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