Sustainable Resolutions for 2019

As the year is coming to an end, our team has been reflecting on ways that they can become more sustainable in 2019.

Here are a few sustainability goals from our staff members…

“For this next year I'd love to commit to a zero-waste lifestyle. It would be cool to not be throwing anything away by the end of the year and if all my landfill waste fit in a small container. I don't know what to shoot for, maybe a 32 oz. container of landfill waste for the whole year. I want to abandon plastic straws, utensils, and bags. I want to prepare the majority of my meals and compost all my food scraps. I want to buy from companies who are socially responsible and sustainable. It would also be cool to share my journey and obstacles I met on my own blog. It would be a lot but if I wanted it bad enough, I could do it!”

-Connor Goodno (Organics/Zero Waste Schools Staff)

“Educate myself! I have a list of books and articles on zero waste and sustainability I'd like to read and want to budget at least an hour a week to get through them. Always learning!"

“Continue making switches in my health and beauty products. I've started swapping out to better, more ethically produced ones and I'd like to keep it up.”

-Heather Honecker (Marketing/Zero Waste Schools Staff)

“To buy more groceries with environmentally friendly packaging!”

-Lauren Goulet (Zero Waste Schools Staff)

“I have two major sustainability goals for 2019. One is to transition away from purchasing pre-packaged foods, and instead buy more food from bring-your-own-containers bulk stores. The second is to fully transition my skin care and beauty products to natural products created by eco-friendly companies.”

-Marisa Chiodo (Zero Waste Schools Staff)

“My goal is to work hard to not buy products with any non-recyclable/compostable packaging. Especially food! I’m hoping to buy in bulk more when I can and choose items that are unpackaged/sustainably packaged over those items that are plastic wrapped!”

-Cassidy Putney (Co-Founder/Director of Sustainability & Communications

”My goal is to prepare more meals at home. I have all of the supplies needed to create zero waste meals, and can also choose local and sustainable ingredients. I often choose wasteful food options when I am on the go, so I want to make sure to set myself up for success and be prepared with sustainable food options”

-Emily Pacifico (Zero Waste Schools Staff)

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