Sustainability Spotlight: Debra Wallace

About This Series

Sustainability Spotlight is a blog series sponsored by Impact Earth that allows readers to discover the best zero waste practices in Rochester. We totally support our nominees that are living their best #zerowaste lives and hope that you do too! If you would like to nominate yourself or another local for our Sustainability Spotlight series, just let us know!

About Debra


“I grew up in Ithaca very familiar with eco-consciousness, but my parents were of a more typical American mindset so it wasn't applied in our home. Earth friendliness was always in the back of my mind, but it wasn't until I saw Morgan Spurlock's “Inside Man: United States of Trash” that my passion was kindled.”


What Motivates Debra to Live a Zero Waste Lifestyle…

“I think I'm most motivated by my children. The consumption of the US isn't sustainable for them and I see it as our responsibility as a generation to stop what we're doing and leave a better earth for our kids.”

Her Favorite Zero Waste Lifestyle Products…

“My favorite zero waste things are not really specifically zero waste - we love using washcloths instead of paper towels, and are huge fans of cloth diapers. We've also recently taken on gardening, which ends up being surprisingly zero waste. So the products we love most are related to those practices.”

What she Likes about Living Zero Waste…

“I love how living sustainably can be so much simpler and easier than a "traditional" lifestyle. Having less garbage, cooking from scratch, eating fresher food, etc. A lot of the switches that I thought would be a sacrifice ended up being better in every way.”

Debra’s Favorite Green Space in Rochester…

“My favorite green space is my vegetable garden. It gives me so much joy. I also really love Corbett's Glen.”

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